Cannot write histograms in the file because of opening another root file

I changed host country :smile: showed all my histograms which I created. I’m creating them in the very beginning, before opening another file, so gDirectory->GetName() gives me name of my output file.

Also I checked where they belong to while filling and it’s also my output file.

Uhm…I can’t tell what’s wrong. Maybe @Axel has an idea.

Otherwise, we’ll need a minimal reproducer of your issue that we can run and debug.

It could be an issue with

  • the file your write isn’t where you think it is: church the change time of the file you are looking at
  • the file isn’t opened for update/ recreate, or is write protected; you should have seen an error message
  • some histogram on stack / file ownership trickery, try to create your histogram on the heap (new TH2D(...)).

If it’s none of those, please provide a reproduce!

Cheers, Axel

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Hi Axel,

Thank you so much for your reply! I’ll try to check the stuff and write a reproduce also this weekend. Although on a first sight, it’s not the first and the second issue because I’ve already checked these.

Have a nice weekend :slight_smile:

Hi Yuliia,
to be clear:
You find the histograms on the file but they are empty, correct?
This means you write them before filling or you clear them again
before writing.

What gives hist->Print() for the histos on the file?

What root version are you using, did you change from 5 -> 6
I ask because with Root5 ( CINT) all was on heap
You say you changed host country?


Hi everyone,

Recently I tried Print() method right after writing my file in the code and it gives me non-zero number of entries as it should be, but when I opened my file in ROOT both on server (version 5.34/38) or on my own computer (version 6.16/00) the same method gives 0. But if I comment the line with opening another file everything is ok.

Also I tried to create a histogram on the heap, result was the same.

I’m on holidays in Ukraine now, but previously I was in Poland when everything began.


I tried to write a reproduce (I’ve never done this before), but I can’t even compile it although the structure of code is like in my original code. I will really appreciate any help with it. It can be accessed via


I guess the second file, which is opened during the operating, can be whatever you like, but I specified the one I’ve tried to work with.



is not accessible to others, can you move the relevant files
e.g. somewhere below


and let us know

Hi Otto,

I moved everything to

/afs/ is a reproduce, is an original code and .root file is file I’m trying to open during analysis.


Hi Yullia,
I tried your and after some mods it works as
expected with root_6.18.00 (I dont expect a diff to 6.16.00),
histos are filled on the output file.
mods: make it a complete macro:

void test()

Changed filling, TH2 has not FillRandom(“gaus”).

I cannot run your , includes missing,
it is a main(), so Makefile needed and too lengthy
One thing I see:
in line 255

 TTree *t=new TTree("t","tree");

in line 308 you overwrite the pointer:

t = (TTree*)myfile->Get("t");

Dont know if this relevant

Otto (848 Bytes)

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Hi Otto,

Thank you for your help!

To run you need to set environment of SHINE experiment, and I don’t know if external users can do it. I just wanted to show that structure of code is exactly the same. The feature with tree was token from ROOT forum, so I assumed that it’ll work.

I tried to run corrected file and here what I’m talking about:

root [0] .L
root [1] test()
Warning in <TClass::TClass>: no dictionary for class ROOT::TIOFeatures is available
Error in <TClass::New>: cannot create object of class TH2
Error in <TClass::New>: cannot create object of class TH1
TFile**         run-039390x000_.root
 TFile*         run-039390x000_.root
  KEY: TTree    t;1     tree
  KEY: TH1F     hADCS1sum;1     S1 ADC amplitude
  KEY: TH1F     hADCAdet;1      A_det ADC amplitude
  KEY: TH1F     hTDCS113;1      S11+S13 TDC amplitude
  KEY: TH1F     hTDCS124;1      S12+S14 TDC amplitude
  KEY: TH1F     hTDCS1sum;1     S1 TDC amplitude (sum)
  KEY: TH1F     hTDCS1diff;1    S1 TDC amplitude (diff)
  KEY: TH1F     hTDCAdet;1      A_det TDC amplitude
  KEY: TH2F     hADCcorr;1      S1 ADC amplitude vs A_det ADC amplitude
  KEY: TH2F     hTDCcorr;1      S1 TDC amplitude vs A_det TDC amplitude
  KEY: TH2F     hADCS1TDCall;1  S1 ADC amplitude vs overall TDC amplitude
TH1.Print Name  = histo1, Entries= 5000, Total sum= 4978
TH1.Print Name  = histo2, Entries= 5000, Total sum= 3782
TFile**         test.root
 TFile*         test.root
  OBJ: TH2D     histo1   : 0 at: 0x141b8a0
  OBJ: TH2D     histo2   : 0 at: 0x141bf20
TH1.Print Name  = histo1, Entries= 5000, Total sum= 4978
TH1.Print Name  = histo2, Entries= 5000, Total sum= 3782
root [2] TFile *_file0 = TFile::Open("test.root")
root [3] histo1->Print()
TH1.Print Name  = histo1, Entries= 0, Total sum= 0 <-----!!!

Do I understand correct that you don’t get such a result?


Hi Yullia,
you are obviously running root version 5 but your run-039390x000_.root
was made with: fVersion 61600 File format version.
Therefore you get:

Warning in <TClass::TClass>: no dictionary for class ROOT::TIOFeatures is available


  OBJ: TH2D     histo1   : 0 at: 0x141b8a0
  OBJ: TH2D     histo2   : 0 at: 0x141bf20

i.e. both histos are on heap (CINT) whereas with 6.16.00 one is on stack
the other on heap as it ought to be with CLING:

  OBJ: TH2D     histo1   : 0 at: 0x7fff1df0b508
  OBJ: TH2D     histo2   : 0 at: 0x1cdf170

If I run with 5.34.36 I get the same b a d result as you.
With 6.16.00 I dont get the Warnings, Errors and the histos
are as expected on the output file.

For the danger of TIOFeatures also consult this

Could you try “” with 6.16.00


Hi Otto,

It seems that it’s a problem: in internal SHINE environment only 5.34 version is available for compilation, and as you wrote before all .root files were created with 6.16 version. It’s a pity, but the only solution I see here is to create all these files with 5.34, because it’ll be a problem now to switch all the environment to 6.16. I guess it’s impossible to make these versions compatible by ROOT itself.

Thank you so much for your time and help! If you see another solution, please, write it here.


@axel @pcanal It seems that opening a file produced by ROOT 6.14/06 or 6.16/00 (files from ROOT 6.12/06 and earlier releases and also ROOT 6.18/00 seem fine) in ROOT 5 is sufficient to screw the old ROOT 5 so that it is unable to properly save its newly created histograms in its newly created file (e.g. in ROOT 5.34/36 or the current “v5-34-00-patches” branch).

Here’s a simple standalone trial.cxx (987 Bytes) macro which reproduces this problem (it needs the standard “hsimple.root” file from ROOT 6.14/06 or 6.16/00).


This needs @pcanal who is currently traveling.

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With the latest v616 (tip of the patch branch), I can not reproduce the problem :frowning:

The ‘annoying’ file can be recognized with:

si = dynamic_cast<TStreamerInfo*>(gFile->GetStreamerInfoList()->FindObject("TH1D"));
si->GetCheckSum()==4189148831 && si->GetClassVersion() == 2

and are fixed (in v6.16) by commit 74a1f65efc39e79b57d3104d6d288b51e913dcfa

The version affected are:

v6.14/00, v6.14/02, v6.14/04, v6.14/06, v6.14/08,

The tip of the patch branch v6.14 and v6.16 and the version v6.18/00 and later are not affected

The problem is due to commit 8c9c1a3fbe3a1c5704635f8941abeb9596104c77 (Change to onfile format without a class version upgrade).

And yes this means we need to tag v6.14 and v6.16 very soon.