Cannot Understand th2f

Hi everybody,
I’m using the last version of root 5.14 compiled for macosx 10.4.
Im running this Macro : TH2FProblem.C
I don’t understand its video output.
In theory I attend to have an histogram with some markers on the screen
covered perfectly by red ones, but it seems not!
What i see is that red points,even if are made by the same values,are differently printed on the screen.
Where is my fault?
TH2Fproblem.C (882 Bytes)

The option SCAT (default option when you plot a TH2F) draws random points in each cell. The number of points is proportional to the cell content. The result is some grey effect. The darker a region is the higher the cell content is. The position of the points themselves has no meaning. To avoid this, use others options like BOX or COL or CONT etc … see: … nter:Paint

Thanks a lot

I wonder if there is a way to make the COL option default (instead of SCAT) for h->Draw() or ttree->Draw() for 2D histograms? I was not able to find any trick for .rootrc nor for rootlogon.

No, this is not possible. This only way is in TBrowser but that does not apply on commands in macros.