Cannot plot TPaveText in ListOfFunction of TH2 with JSROOT


I looked into the forum for similar issues but could not find anything similar, so I open a new topic, apologies if this was already addressed elsewhere!

When plotting a TH2 with TPaveText objects stored in the ListOfFunctions in a TBrowser these are also drawn.

When trying this using JSROOT online browser Version latest 7.0.2 1/06/2022 I can only see the histogram and no TPaveText.

For some reason it seems to be working with TH1.

Thanks a lot for having a look into this!!

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Welcome to the ROOT forum.
I think @linev can help.

Can you upload ROOT file with histogram and pave in list of functions?

Apparently I cannot post links, nor upload files, but it should be avaiable at this address

Hi @mattew96 ,

You should spend a few minutes on the root-forum and view some topics before receiving the next level in user account which allows you to upload files.

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By chance TPaveText was handled the same way as TPaveStats.
As result, if stats box was disabled for histogram, also TPaveText was suppressed.

I fix problem in master branch.

Thanks for reporting the bug.

It is much better to report any JSROOT-related problems here on the forum or as github issue - I never saw this alice-talk issue before.

Super thanks!

Hi @linev ,

I referenced the alice-talk blog only for the solution of “attaching files and links” and not for anything else.
I removed it so that we remove the confusion. Sorry for that!

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