Candlestick Chart In ROOT

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Is it possible to plot Candlestick charts in ROOT? I was going through the documentation of CANDLE Draw option but it looks like it is different from the candlestick I’m looking for. I have a set of data composed by an analogous form of First Quartile (Open/Close), Third Quartile (Open/Close), Minimum (Low) and Maximum (High) describing each point. Is this function implemented? Or is there a way to use CANDLE option to do these charts?

@Georg_T can surely help with your question.

Sorry, I forgot to answer…

I’m afraid I do not understand your concern. Can you provide a picture or something?


Hi Georg_T

Four values per data point:

They are well known charts, not in physics though:



Just to clarify, it sounds to me as if @amvargash already has the statistics computed from his data set and wants to plot the candlestick plot without the original distribution.

I quote a hack from @Georg_T

It can be implemented using TGraphErrors, TGraphAsymmErrors, TMultiGraph, and a little bit of math:

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Hi, can you paste a simple demo? I’m also looking for solution for candle stick plot using ROOT.

You will find several examples here.
You can also read the documentation here.

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@nehcuh For the one I mentioned, there is some code available here I’m no t sure if the data downloading still works but probably you can reuse and adapt some of the code