Dear Experts,

I was using ‘CANDLE’ option to visualize a set of data. I have two sets and I plotted them in the same canvas with different color. Is it possible to change the color of the mean line so that the two classes can be distinguished easily ?

Hello divyakuttan,
from your post it does not come clear, if you are using CANDLE from TTree or from TH2.

We have implemented a lot of new functionality of CANDLE into TH2, since root ~6.08 (please check doc of THistPainter: … html#HP140 , or plenty tutorials in $ROOTSYS/tutorials/hist. Here you can easily change e.g. the color of the whole candle.

We are still working on using the same functionality TH2-CANDLE in TTree, too. Unfortunately some problems are not solved here. But, in case you are using the TTree-kind so far, you can always pipe your data into a TH2 first, and use the CANDLE-chart option of TH2.

BTW CANDLE-charts are working with THStack, too


Just to complete Georg post; The candle tutorials (like all root tutorials) are also visible online: … _hist.html