Can not open .root files with RFileDialog:

ROOT Version: 6.26/10

I’m trying out the Experimental class ROOT::Experimental::RFileDialog. I find I can not choose a file of type .root ! If I try to the returned file name is blank. For all other file types the full path to the file is returned as expected. This is reproducible with the tutorials/v7/filedialog.cxx file

I guess @linev can help.


Yes, I can confirm the problem.
Will be fixed by Fix ROOT files selection with RFileDialog class by linev · Pull Request #12093 · root-project/root · GitHub
Fix also will be applied to 6.26 and 6.28 branches.

Thanks for reporting it!


Thanks for the quick response! I’ve added the additional method from your PR to my local copy so I can carry on working while waiting for it to be official.

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