Can I save data point to text file

I have one root file. It contains two historgrams: one is HistPStrsum and another one is HistPSoutsum. I have attached this file. Is it possible for me to save the data point to text files?
homSweepBigNGSMWS12Einv_31_T_001.root (517 KB)

HistPStrsum->SaveAs("HistPStrsum.C"); HistPSoutsum->SaveAs("HistPSoutsum.C");

Saving in to a .C file is the fastest way. If you need only the histograms values you will have to clean up a bit the file (not a big deal with a good editor). Another way would be to loop over the bins, get the contains and print them.

You can also try:


Thanks very much.

[quote=“pamputt”]HistPStrsum->SaveAs("HistPStrsum.C"); HistPSoutsum->SaveAs("HistPSoutsum.C");[/quote]