Can anyone look at the image and tell me why it is showing this error, I am very new to root as well as coding

ROOT Version: 6.26/10
Platform: ubuntu
Compiler: Not Provided

Root querry

Welcome to the ROOT Forum!
You have an error on the fist line of your tut.c file. If you want us to give more information, please attach your file here

Thank you for you response, here is my file and also with my sample you will also be able to analyze my level. Thank you.

You have a double "" in the line 2.
Also, rename your file into “hello.cpp”.

Thank you very much sir.

Hello sir, it is still not working here are the pictures of my program and the errors with it

ROOT Primer

Given the error messages you get, it seems your file /home/lovish/hello.cpp (the one you are running) is wrong and does not correspond to the file hello.cpp you are showing here. The file you show is in ~/Desktop .

hello sir can you please explain more about what is wrong and tell me the steps on how to remove this error (as you can already see my level of coding in the above pictures aswell)

You are not running the .cpp file you are editing. Try:

$ cd ~/Desktop
$ root hello.cpp

Thank You so much Sir