Call mathematica functions from within ROOT

Dear Rooters,

Let me describe a little about my job firstly.
I have experimental signal data(time V.S. amplitude, discrete signal) and, want to reconstruct as
continuous signal then, to each signal, get its time information corresponding to a fixed amplitude(let’s say, -0.2volt).
There are 20K+ signals in our data and each signal contains ~4k points(all of the signals should be reconstructed).
To each point, I would like to use Sinc(x) = sin(x)/x to do this point’s reconstruction.
Then summarize all of the (4k)points’ Sinc(x) as this signal’s reconstructed signal.

Since my data is in ROOT, so I want to call mathematica to get the time result.

Thanks to this page, … atica-root,
I could run the example(and do a little modification) smoothly.

Right now I was stucked in how to build a function which can return the time result directly.
Although I read carefully on this page also, Mathematica function minimization
I did not get too much direct help to my case unfortunately.
Could you please help out ?

Thanks a lot in advance!


If you follow the indications in the mentioned link you should be able to make a ROOT function calling a Mathematica function. However, in your case you should also be able to work directly in ROOT, or am I missing something ?