Calculation weight events

Hi everyone.

To calculate weight events how can I import parameters from AMI? for example luminosity? which comman I need to?

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it is not clear from the question what is the role of ROOT. Do you need to fill histograms with a weight? If yes you can have a look to


I need to calculate weight events by formule w1 = L / L1 . L =the numbers of events/cross-sections so I need import value of cross section from datasets.

I would like how can I write script for it?

What kind of data set is it ? … we need more details to help you.

data set is


Thanks, but this piece of information is not really useful.
In order to help you we will need a small example we can run, reproducing the problem.


I have 2 scripts
energy_resolution_02.cxx (4.74 KB)
compare_02.cxx (3.88 KB)

the first one does not seems correct. It starts with

i = i_first-1;
i_end =i_last;

where none of the variables are defined.

The second one use a ROOT file we do not have . How are we supposed to use these 2 scripts ?