Building root using Cygwin on Windows

Has anybody successfully built root using Cygwin on Windows (using X11)? I haven’t had any luck at all.

Which version of ROOT? The cvs head should build correctly. What errors do you get during the build?

– Fons

Hi Charles,

[quote]> I get the following error:

Generating dictionary thread/src/G__Thread.cxx…
Error: rootcint: failed to open //tmp/tbd4.2_rootcint in main
make: *** [thread/src/G__Thread.cxx] Error 1

from ChangeLog.txt:

2003-08-02 07:45 brun

* utils/src/rootcint.cxx:
From Philippe
Surprisingly, cygwin's fopen can not code with '//tmp' but needs '/tmp'.
This fixes the problem.

So you’ll have to move to a version later than from Aug 2nd, 2003… cygwin handles //dir differently than /dir.

[quote]p.s. You mention that I can download the binaries from the root website. The only binaries I see are from using VC++ and not gcc. Are there gcc binaries (that use X11) available?

See e.g.
which links to


I dont know if that can help but I have sumarised on the following web page what I did to build my own version of root using cygwin on windows. For me it worked.

Cheers, Olivier

Hi Olivier,

The instructions on your page are for win32, not for win32gcc (i.e. root with X11 on windows, the version Charles was talking about). Look at for win32gcc.