Bug in x-axis labels displaying of TH1 using JSROOT


We have encountered display bugs on the X axis description of TH1 plot when using JSROOT online browser ( https://jsroot.gsi.de/7.0.0/ ). Some bin labels are missing or repeating. However, when we download the histogram and view it locally on the compute using TBrowser all the labels are displayed correctly.

Here is an example screen shot from TBrowser used locally, and everything seems ok:

And here is a screen shot from the JSROOT online browser, the label for chip 14 is displayed twice and the label for chip 15 is missing:

Here is the full list of the problematic labels in X-axis:

  • 14 twice, 15 missing
  • 59 twice, 60 missing
  • 119 twice, 120 missing
  • 126 twice, 127 missing
  • 238 twice, 241 missing
  • 252 twice, 255 missing
  • 265 twice, 266 missing
  • 285 twice, 286 missing
  • 476 twice, 482 missing
  • 505 twice, 511 missing

Here is the actual TObject:
TObject_1649951536219.root (10 KB)

ROOT Version: ROOT/v6-24-06-6
Platform: Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS
Compiler: Not Provided

Welcome to the ROOT forum.
As it is a JSROOT related question I am sure @linev can help you.

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Yes, I can reproduce problem.

Please try https://jsroot.gsi.de/dev/

If should fix the problem.

Hi @linev, yes using your link the issue is gone. Thank you for the quick response.

Hi @linev ,

Thank you for the quick investigation!

We wanted to kindly ask what is the release plan for this fix. In order to make use of it in our deployments, we would need it as a new version of the jsroot npm module.

Thank you!

I can publish it as 7.0.1 release, will do tomorrow

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Release is there - see Releases · root-project/jsroot · GitHub

I also fix other problem with display of huge number of labels - as in your object.

Now you should be able display your histogram better.


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