Border when using cont4z

Is there a way to get rid of the white border between the plot fill area and the plot axes when using the cont4z option? I notice the col option fills right to the axes, but the cont option always has a white border of a few mm.

The only way would be to set the pad background color equal to the bottom color of the palette.

My contour ellipses don’t close, so on one side of the graph all of the contours are against the axis so there is no one colour that can be set on the pad. Is there really no other way of turning off this border?

I’m afraid that these “white stripes” along axes (i.e. between the axes and the “colored contents”) will never disappear.
Both, the “cont4” and “cont3” draw the “contents” starting at some distant from the axes because the contour algorithms connect bins’ centers.
The only way to make these “white stripes” smaller is to make the X and Y bins of your histograms smaller.
For example, if you use “fix bin size” histograms, you can simply increase the number of X and Y bins for them. But then, not only your histograms will be bigger but also the sizes of files of “saved” pictures will increase (i.e. for “vector” formats, like the “.ps” and “.eps”, for example).
Well, if you use “variable bin size” histograms, you could also try to make just the “most outside” bins of your histograms very “thin”, leaving the “internal” ones unchanged, and then this problem would not appear.

can you send a picture ?

Well, just try the macro from the last post in [url]Vertical shaded area :mrgreen:
You can try to play with it … this way … { TF2 *f = new TF2("f", "x*x+y*y", -3, 3, -5, 5); f->SetNpx(100); f->SetNpy(100); f->SetLineWidth(1.0); // ... … and … that way … { TF2 *f = new TF2("f", "x*x+y*y", -3, 3, -5, 5); f->SetNpx(10); f->SetNpy(10); f->SetLineWidth(1.0); // ... :wink: