Bin tilting

Hello all,
I am very new to root and am having an issue getting a graph to display the way I need. I am working with 8x8 pixel PMTs. This picture

is how it displays results currently. The problem is that i need to find a way to tilt the PMTs (the 8 groupings of pixels) radially inward. I am currently displaying the image as a 3-dimensional histogram: position on X and Y axis, number of events on z axis(in color). I doubt I can tilt the bins while it’s a 3d histo so I am open to suggestions on another way to plot. However, the plot must give: X position, Y position, and Events(on color scale).

I appreciate any suggestions.

What you have is a 2D histogram (TH2F or TH2D i guess). And you draw with option COL… right ?
May be you should use TH2Poly instead. You can define the bins as you wish.

Thank you for your help couet! It’'ll take some time but this should work perfectly!