Begin_Html does not work


I am using THtml to generate documents of my classes.
Before ROOT v5.19/02, Begin_Html - End_Html tags have been working.

However, after updating to v5.19/04, HTML lines are directly shown in generated documents.
I tried v5.20/00 and SVN head version, but the problem is not fixed.

Generated documents on ROOT web pages do not have this problem, so maybe I am doing something wrong.

I attached a set of files to reproduce the problem.

Generated HTML document looks like following.

  Location: (UNKNOWN PRODUCT) >> (UNKNOWN) >> MyData
  Quick Links: ROOT Homepage Class Index Class Hierarchy
  Search documentation...________
  Source: header file source file viewCVS header viewCVS source
  Sections: class description function members data members class charts 
                                                               class MyData: public TObject

  Begin_Html <!-- 

   <li> test

  --> End_Html

Function Members (Methods) 

                       MyData(const MyData&)

Best regards.
htmldoc.tar.gz (698 Bytes)

Usually I do:

/* Begin_Html

some HTML

End_Html */

And it is working fine for me with the latest ROOT version.

Thank you for your reply.

I found that it works when I add “html.SetInputDir(gSystem->ExpandPathName(”$ROOTSYS/include:."));" “before html->MakeAll(kFALSE);”.

What I understand is,
If I don’t call “html.SetInputDir(gSystem->ExpandPathName(”$ROOTSYS/include:."));", a loop to add classes in THtml::CreateListOfClasses are continued for ROOT classes, because .h files are not found. When it happens, THtml::GetClass(“TDocHtmlDirective”) returns 0. It results that TDocParser::IsDirective always returns 0. Then no Begin_… work.

This is not the case for v5.19/02.

One disadvantage for me to call “html.SetInputDir(gSystem->ExpandPathName(”$ROOTSYS/include:."));" is that documents of all the ROOT classes are generated.
In generated documents for ROOT classes, links to source code pages are missing, if I don’t add source code directory by THtml::SetInputDir.

If possible, I want to know how to generate documents of only my classes.
It has been possible until v5.19/02.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you.


as you probably have seen I have changed a few algorithms in THtml - and I believe you have found a bug in it. Thanks for the report! I will fix it today or tomorrow; I’ll let you know when it’s done.

Cheers, Axel.


thanks for your report! This is now fixed.

Cheers, Axel.


Now it works fine.

Thank you.