Beeston Barlow method in Roofit


Are there any instructions for how to use the Beeston-Barlow method in Roofit?

If I understand correctly using the Beeston-Barlow method in RooFit, the MC stat uncertainty is taken into account in the fit but otherwise using the “standard” RooFit, only the template shape is used. I only found something in this post: Problem with Beeston Barlow light method

but seems this problem wasn’t resolved.

I am currently doing a log-likelihood fit in Roofit but the fit doesn’t converge in the last pt bin where there are less stats so I want to use the MC stat uncertainty in the fit. I tried using a global constraint based on this tutorial ( but that didn’t help either. The fit works only if I smooth the MC distribution which points towards this being a MC stat issue.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated!



I would also be interested in this, especially for the 2D case. I tried examples and code snippets from over the internet and from Wouter’s tutorials, but with no luck…

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