BDT Input variable Plots Quality Graphics

Dear Experts,

I am making BDT input variable plots using the TMVA file (please find the file TMVA.

On lxplus what I am doing is:

lsetup “root 6.06.02-x86_64-slc6-gcc48-opt” (Same root version used for BDT training)
$ root -l
root [0] TMVA::TMVAGui(“TMVA.root”)

When I click on Input variables (1a) button, I am getting the plot

The quality is not good, pixels are bit broken. The Under/OverFlow text on right side is cutoff. The titles are centred.

Could anyone please suggest me how I can fix it.

P.S When my colleague make same set of plots on his Mac (where he installed the same Root version and TMVA Version 4.2.1, Feb 5, 2015 which comes with the Root Version 6.06/02) he doesn’t see any problem. Title on the top left, Under/Over flow not cutoff etc. All good.

Thank you,

This is what you see on screen or the file generated by a SaveSas ?


I see on both. On screen and as well as files save as eps, png.

For the eps/ps/pdf output the definition should be the same on all platforms.
May be your canvas is too small ?

From TMVA User Guide what I understand I am using the default settings. That means variables.C script from tmva package. In that script depending on the number of input variables it set the canvas size accordingly.

PDF output is vector graphics there there whole be no issue with pixel. Can you try with PDF (or PS) ?

I am running interactive root. When I Launch GUI and click on input variable button it says

— If you want to save the image as eps, gif or png, please comment out
— the corresponding lines (line no. 239-241) in tmvaglob.C

To save plot as PDF or PS I need to add it to those lines in tmvaglob.C file. In Root 5 the tmvaglob.C file usually I found it in root/tmva/test/ area but I couldn’t find it in Root 6. Could you please let me know where I can find that file. Then I try to make the plots in Pdf.

variables_c1.pdf (26.6 KB)

That looks good. But the title at the center and the text cutoff still there…

Do you see the same on the screen ? It looks like you do according to the previous plot you posted. I do not know from where this “title” is coming from. It seems to me that it is a piece of text which is too long and goes out the canvas but I would need to see the macro to tell exactly.


Yep also on screen.

Anyway I have now fixed the issue canvas1.pdf (31.0 KB)

Actually I have rootlogon.C macro in my home dir. And there I am setting up some default style. I didn’t realize it before. I removed that macro and I got the nice plot.

Thanks for the help


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