"BAR" option with solid box

Hi, I am drawing a THStack (full of TH1s) using the option “barnostack”. My fill styles are 3344 and 3354, and I use separated bars with text labels to produce the kind of plot that is attached to this message.

I am wondering how to also get a box around the areas of the bars. If I plot it with a solid fill style, like 1344 or 1354, there is no hatching, just the solid colour. What I desire is a hollow box with the hatching inside. Is there a AttFillStyle code to accomplish this?

AmplifierVariation.pdf (19.1 KB)

Yes, with options B or BAR there is no line around the plot.
root.cern.ch/root/html534/THistP … html#HP100

Is there a workaround in order to get a non-solid-fill bar graph with a box around it?

I am afraid there is noe. Try to post a Request in Jira. By posting a bug report from the forum home page,