Bad opengl rendering on ROOT 5.34.36 in a ROOT GUI app


I just switched to default CanvasPreferGL = 1 mode and spotted a strange behaviour in my ROOT GUI app. In this mode the fonts on my TROOTEmbeddedCanvas get corrupted, as you can see on the attached picture. It happends only for some intermediate sizes of the canvas. If making it slower or larger, some or all of the labels get normal. What can be the reason?

I am using Fedora 25 with nvidia proprietary drivers.

Have you tried with ROOT 6 ? do you see the same problem ?

My software does not work with ROOT 6 due to incompatibilities between 5 and 6. I am not sure if maitaning compatibility with ROOT 5 and 6 version is possible, so I wait for a more quiet moment to switch.

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