Axis with two different regions


is there a simple way to draw an axis with two different regions. For example
if on the y axis I have some very small points and very high points but nothing in between.
I would like to use linear (not logarithmic) representation. Let’s say the y axis should display
from 0 to 10, then a “gap” and then from 10000 to 100000. Of course the latter would be compressed
compared to the first (“semi logarithmic” or what one could call that).

Not sure there is a simple solution for this. Maybe I have to start from scratch and split the dataset in
two and draw it twice (superimposed) with two different T(G)Axis on the (left) y side.

Thanks for any hint/example

The axis drawing is one thing. But then you will need to have the right coordinate spaces to draw your data. The best would be to have two pad on top of each other