Axis titles not shown on log scale in TGraph

Hello Folks,

Another TGraph drawing oddity: axis titles are not drawn when either axis is logarithmic. When both axes are linear, titles are drawn correctly.

Example macro attached, which produces the figure.

Why is the y-axis title overlapping the numbers?
AxisTitlesBug.C (1.23 KB)

This very unfortunate problem had been fixed a few days ago by Olivier in the SVN trunk.


We actually even patched the release 5.22 as you can see in this page: … ease-notes

The “hist” bullet in paragraph: “Changes in the head of the v5-22-00-patches branch”

This week this will become: “Changes in version v5-22-00b”

Thanks, fixes this for me, and still fixes the earlier problem previously fixed in rev 28200.

Yes, that was the idea ie: fixing the side effect but still fixing the original bug :slight_smile: