Axis range problem in TGraph

_I am compiling several data points with Tgraph at x axis and y axis but meanwhile getting points at y axis with pow(10,-76). unable to set with y axis range command also. And also not fitted in log axis form. Here attaching Tgraph script and attaching png file

fluxbon.c (1.0 KB) fluxbon.c (1.0 KB) of plot.
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@couet can you take a look please when you will have time?


All the points are in fact plotted in your image --there are 5 points, just what you put into the graph; what is not fitting well is the curve joining the points. You can use a line instead of a smooth curve, i.e

gr1->Draw("AL*");  // instead of "AC*"

and/or change the minimum value of the y-axis:

gr1->SetMinimum(1e-50);  // can be done before drawing gr1

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