Axis names and title are printed somewhere unconvenient

If i set X and Y axis titles for my histogram, the are written in a highly unconvenient place… like almost on the ticks numbers, and not centered at all with the center of the axis.

Is there a way to generate more good looking graphs ? (ie with the axis title and the graph title that are centered and well placed)

Thank you

A good way to understand what are the possible parameters you can tune is to start the editor in the canvas (View->Editor) then modify what you want (not also that many geometrical parameters can be modify directly on the canvas) and save the result in a .C file (File->Save). The C file will contain the C++ directives used to build the image.

Ok, I tried this. It worked once. However, the other times I tried, as soon as I try to change something (right-click and select an option in the popup menu), the applications freezes… not very useful.

I do not see that. Do you have a recent ROOT version ? I suggested you to use the editor you can get from the menu bar on top of the canvas, not the right click on a object. I can tell you the option you have to change but I do not know it by heart myself either, and I will do exactly what I suggested you. That’s why I told you the way I proceed. This might be useful for you next time.

I use ROOT 4.04/02
Ok, I found that, if I select the editor nothing happens, and then, if I right-click and change something, it freezes.

However, if I do not select the editor and I right-click directly to change things, it works.

Well, I am not the GUI expert but using the cvs head on Linux is fine for me … no freezing. Once you have open the editor, select with the LEFT mouse button the object you want to edit (axis, histo, canvas etc …), Then you see all its attributes in the editor window and you can modify them.

Ok, however, the problem is that the editor command doesn’t make anything appear…

May be your root version is too old. When you click on View/Editor you should see an extension of the canvas appearing on the left.

any way, here are some parameters you can tune (found them the way I suggested you):


(hpx is your histo and c1 is the TCanvas)

Yes, I already found it. Thank you.