Automatically appropriate PDF paper size

I find myself saving .png files by default when using root because I often use divided canvases at odd sizes and proportions and I need to specify the pdf paper size to avoid clipping on occasion (but not always…). Is there an easy way to get .pdf files to save without clipping and an appropriate size?

The attached pdf is a combination of four separately saved canvases (size changed by dragging manually dragging canvas larger) that illustrates clipping.

ROOT 5.28/00

There is no attached file.

Sorry, the pdf is attached below.
example.pdf (44 KB)

Ok I see.
do you have a small macro reproducing this effect ?

Test macro and the pdf it produces.
pdf_test_macro.pdf (14.1 KB)
pdf_test_macro.C (159 Bytes)

I do not get the same pdf file as you, using your macro.
Seems to me the file I get is correct (see attached file).
I am running on MacOsX with the latest root version (svn trunk).
pdf_test_macro.pdf (14.1 KB)

Thanks. I will update my ROOT and try again. If I do not post back, it succeeded.