Automated TLegend positioning

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I am getting fed up of specifying the position of my legend and having it overlap data-points when some property of my data changes.

Here is a thought: How hard would it be to ask “How many datapoints does this legend placement overlap?” ? Preferably without doing the math inside my macro, since presumably I would have to emulate lots of ROOT subtleties and things like error bars, the log state… I also assume I am not the first to think of this as a concept. Is there prior art?

I already have a macro which allows me to specify as a parameter “XY” where X=“LCR” and Y=“MBR”. It would be ideal if I could automatically try these in turn and take the one that overlaps the least points. I’m guessing this is non-trivial to compute though, especially to come to agreement with ROOT from outside ROOT.

Another thing I will do is to place the legend outside the plot, but often the plots do contain lots of space, so it would be good to place the legend inside.

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  • Peter

TLegend inherits from TBox which has the method IsInside (in the svn trunk):
If you loop over this method with your data points you will be able to know how many data points are in the TLegend.

Is there a method for converting from plot co-ordinates to pad co-ordinates or vice versa? (I assume the box uses pad co-ordinates, 0. to 1. ?). I guess I would also want an overlaps() function which tells me if it overlaps a rectangle, so I can easily account for error bars.

See all the to methods here (XtoPad, etc …):

Thanks couet.