Asymmetry plots with Roofit

Dear Experts,

I have the working code for a weighted 2D simultaneous PDF. It has 2 mass variables which I fit and two separate datasets corresponding to the D0 and D0bar samples. How do I get the asymmetry of as a function of the two mass variables from the D0 and D0bar PDFs corresponding to each mass variable.

I can do it for histograms using TH1::GetAsymmetry but I am not able to do it in the Roofit code.
Here’s the code that I am (10.4 KB) and the root file is at the link:

Will you please have a look.

Hi @sanjeeda,

very nice fits you have there, and an interesting analysis! I should take your code as an example of 2D analysis numer numeric integrals that we should optimize to run faster, your script takes quite some time to run :slight_smile: Also, the numeric integrals have a hard time converging, maybe we can do something about this. Is this kind of analysis you are doing common in your collaboration?

As for the actual question: is there a reason why this wouldn’t work with a RooFormulaVar?

Thank you @Jonas. I think such analyses are common in any experimental high energy physics collaborations.

It looks there is a way if doing it using arguments in RooSimultaneous. One can search “Asymmetry” in ROOT: RooSimultaneous Class Reference. am tryin to include the argument like:
simPdf.plotOn(kk_d0,Slice(sample,"D0"),Components(RooArgSet(model_d0)),ProjWData(sample,combData),Name("model_d0"), Asymmetry(sample));, but I am not able to get what I want. I want to have something like:

I am using Root 6.28.

I have some suggestions to massively speed up your script, in case this is helpful:

  • in fitTo(), use our new , EvalBackend("cpu") (or BatchMode(true), as it was called prior to ROOT 6.30) See also the documentation for RooAbsPdf::fitTo()
  • Restrict your RooDstD0BG parameter ranges a bit, such that you don’t get inf integrals:
    RooRealVar kappa("C", "C", 1.59953e-03,-1e4,1e4);
    RooRealVar alpha("A", "A", 3.75892e+01,0,1e3);

Also, use the Parameters() command arg in your call to paramOn:


The signature that directly takes the RooDataSet was deprecated for a long time and was removed in in 6.30.

Thanks for pointing out the Asymmetry() command argument! I was not aware of it actually.

So according to the documentation, your sample category must have the index values +1 and -1 for it to work:

  RooCategory sample("sample","sample", {{"D0", -1}, {"D0bar", +1}}) ;

So do this instead of the defineType() calls.

But that doesn’t seem to solve the problem :frowning:

When I try to plot the asymmetry, I get this error:

[#0] ERROR:Plotting -- RooAbsReal::plotAsymOn(simPdf) function doesn't depend on asymmetry category sample

I suspect the Asymmetry() command doesn’t play well with the ProjWData(), which you of course need to get the 1D plots :slight_smile: I will try to reproduce this problem in a simple toy macro and then go on fixing it.

Thank you @jonas.
What I did was:

RooCategory sample("sample","sample") ;

Then you can have
simPdf.plotOn(kk_d0,Slice(sample,"D0"),Components(RooArgSet(model_d0)),ProjWData(sample,combData),Name("model_d0"), Asymmetry(sample));

The code will run with this, but I don’t get the asymmetry plots as I have shown as an example.

Yes, I understand. Apparently the Asymmetry() plot for RooSimultaneous is simply broken. Here is a reproducer:

void repro()
   using namespace RooFit;

   RooWorkspace ws;
   ws.factory("Gaussian::gauss_A(x_A[-10, 10], -1.0, 1.0)");
   ws.factory("Gaussian::gauss_B(x_B[-10, 10], +1.0, 1.0)");
   ws.factory("ExtendPdf::pdf_A(gauss_A, n_A[10000.])");
   ws.factory("ExtendPdf::pdf_B(gauss_B, n_B[10000.])");
   ws.factory("SIMUL::simPdf(sample[A=-1, B=+1], A=pdf_A, B=pdf_B)");

   RooRealVar &xA = *ws.var("x_A");
   RooRealVar &xB = *ws.var("x_B");
   RooCategory &sample = *"sample");

   std::unique_ptr<RooDataSet> data{ws.pdf("simPdf")->generate({xA, xB, sample})};

   auto frame = ws.var("x_A")->frame();
   ws.pdf("simPdf")->plotOn(frame, Asymmetry(sample), ProjWData(sample, *data));


Also here, the output is:

[#1] INFO:Plotting -- RooSimultaneous::plotOn(simPdf) plot on x_A represents a slice in the index category (sample)
[#0] ERROR:Plotting -- RooAbsReal::plotAsymOn(pdf_A) function doesn't depend on asymmetry category sample

If you want us to fix this, can you please open a GitHub issue that includes my reproducer? It’s better if you open the issue instead of me, because if a user opens an issue instead of a dev, it’s clear that this is a priority. That helps with the planning.


Dear @jonas,

Thank you for taking the time to look into this. I have opened the issue Asymmetry plots with Roofit · Issue #14255 · root-project/root · GitHub.
Please let me know is anything is missing.


Dear @jonas, is there a way to get a TH1D histogram corresponding to the PDFs that are used for the fit. If yes, the, one can find the asymmetry between the two ?

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