AstroROOT does not compile with the ROOT SVN trunk

On FC3 I am using TASImage with AstroROOT and the latest AstroROOT package (version 5.0) does not compile with the ROOT SVN trunk. The followings are the final part of the error messages displayed by “make install”:

It looks for some gdk stuffs but cannot find them. Please give me your suggestions on that.

Thanks again,

When I do “nm” on my libAfterimage.a I see these gdk_* calls… I am now investigating why…
The weird thing is that I do not get any complain … may be I have gdk somewhere in my library PATH and you don’t.

I’ll let you know.

I have now fixed this problem in the svn trunk. libAfterimage is now installed “without-svg” in … k?view=log

Thanks to have reported this.

AstroROOT now compiles with the SVN trunk on my FC3 and I could finally do what I wanted. Thanks for the great help.