Are there any possible ways to speed up RooFit analysis?

Hi, there,

I’m using RooFit to scan a parameter(only one POI).
The signal model is quite complicated, and I’m using a C++ script to express it.

The speed of analysis is quite slow, for an analysis with 17 scanning points and 1000/500 toys, it takes a few days to finish it.
The computer has four CPUs but I want to run four analysis in parallel which is necessary for my analysis.

Being suggested by Lorenzo, I’ve tried to use asymptotic calculator to speed up.
Probably due to the complexity of the models, the result is very weird.

So, I’m asking here now if there are any other possible ways to speed up my analysis ?

Thanks !



You can try to use PROOF , or easier ProofLite to use all the cores from your machines.
If you are using the StandardHypoTestInvDemo macro, Proof can be enabled by re-defining the global variable useProof=true. You can see also in the macro how it is enabled Proof internally.

Best Regards