Anyone using ROOT with SublimeText


I’m a bit new to ROOT, but not to writing code. I was wondering if people use SublimeText in their environment and if and what tips they have for scripting, building ROOT in SublimeText.


It looks like a nice text editor. It already understand C++ and python syntax. What do you need more ?

Root specific syntax highlighting/prediction would a be a nice addition. Also an integrated build system.

You are welcome to propose something :slight_smile:

This post is old, but just remembered I solved my issue with the following plugin:
Just need to install clang and add the ROOT header directory to the settings. Something like this:

  "common_flags" : [
    // system includes
    "-I/usr/include/root",  // equivalent for your installation
    // this is needed to include the correct headers for clang


How did you do with figures?

I would also like to use Sublime Text 3 as my text editor and run python scripts with ROOT.
If I try

import ROOT
f1 = ROOT.TF1("f1", "[0]*sin([1]*x)/x", 0., 10.)
f1.SetParameter(0, 1)
f1.SetParameter(1, 1)

I can’t visualize the plot (no external window with the figure appearing).
Were you able, in case you’ve tried, to configure your build system to be able to show canvases?

If I try to run a python script that creates a figure with matplotlib I can see the plot, but that’s not the case with ROOT canvases.

Thank you

Have you gotten this to work with a CMakeLists.txt in the project root? I can get the root depends but nothing else. The getting started page tells me this should be easy. But I’m not sure if I’m doing it right.l

Hi all,
note that the last post by @kgizdov is from February 2020, so this conversation is a bit old. Hopefully some active sublime text users will reply, let’s see.