Anyone have a cool looking CERN ROOT icon for my desktop shortcut?

I am running ROOT Version 5.34/36 on Windows10

Does anyone have a cool looking CERN ROOT icon for my Windows10 desktop shortcut?

On Windows10 I created a desktop icon, assigned it to root.exe after the install, but the generic icon is not as cool looking as I know CERN ROOT is capable of providing.
So I wonder if anyone has made a cool CERN ROOT icon which might be an *.ico file something like CernRoot.ico???

I know this is a minor ask and its only a nice to have, not any critical function by any means :slight_smile:

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You can take the icon we made for ROOT 6.

where is a good site to find it and grab it? I don’t see Root6 on any Root pages I am on.

I created one. Here it is if anyone else wants it. I only took the graphic but the word ROOT was off the side and so is not included, but I think this graphic is the cool I was after


Try (on Linux and/or MacOS):

ls -al ${ROOTSYS}/icons/*[rR][oO][oO][tT]*

Thank you - yes, I have Cygwin64 terminal on Windows10, I went to the icon folder and yes found the icon there. Thank you for specifics. The tree comes through as kind of fuzzy (maybe because icons are so small) so the collider vertex circle I made my *.ico file from comes across a little clearer. Thank you for the detailed help.

find ${ROOTSYS}/etc -name "*[pP][nN][gG]*"

I find that

$> find ${ROOTSYS}/etc -iname "*png*"

is easier on the keyboard :}

thank you for the suggestion, now I understand Wile E Coyote suggestion better!

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