Another difference between 6.18 and 6.22

Dear all,
I have recently reported a difference between 6.18 and 6.22 when it comes to RooFit/RooStats. Last time it was solved by adding this command:


But in the case I am reporting here it won’t help.
I attach the macro and the root file needed by macro.
Please run the macro like this:

root -l exercise_2.C

exercise_2.C (5.0 KB) Workspace_mumufit.root (14.9 KB)

The numerical results are identical between 6.18 and 6.22 but the plot for the posterior integration looks wrong. I join both of them, filename should be self-explaining.
exercise_2_618.pdf (17.0 KB) exercise_2_622.pdf (17.1 KB)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Marco Bomben

@moneta can perhaps explain? Thanks!

Looking at th plots, it looks the difference is only in the gray area. Not in the curve itself.
If this is the case is then probably a graphics problem. Let me double check this


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