Analytical integral for RooGenericPdf

Dear experts,

I’m using a RooGenericPdf as part of a model which needs to be fitted several times This is quite slow (even when enabling multi-threading) because of the numerical integration used by RooGenericPdf. Is there a way to set an expression for the analytical integral of the RooGenericPdf (maybe similar to the way we set an expression for the PDF itself)?

Thanks in advance

Hi @lmeyerga!

No, there is no way to do this, currently.

It would be great if you could open a feature request on GitHub about this! Maybe even with a suggestion of an interface that would best fit your use case. I agree that this would really be a great feature and already thought about it!

Until we have it, I’m afraid the only solution is to create a new class inheriting from RooAbsPdf that also implements the analytical integral interface (see the existing pdfs like RooGaussian for a copy-paste template).


Hi @jonas,

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve opened a ticket in the Root github as you suggested (Configurable analytical integral for RooGenericPdf · Issue #10763 · root-project/root · GitHub). Meanwhile, I’ll try to implement your other suggestion.


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