Alignement of labels on axis (TGaxis)

I am displaying several histogram right next to each other using adjoining pads, In this case the e.g. the x-axis labels in centered under the starting tic mark (e.g. 0). Since it is on a pad edge it is clipped. The simple solution is to
left align the labels to the tic mark. The description of TGaxis say (see below) , but using the L option seems to have no effect.
It seems in TGaxis.cxx that the optionLeft and optionRight are ignored for a regular x-axis. Is this the intention. (PaintAxis())
It will be a really usefull feature to be able to set alignment for labels
(left/rigt for x- and top bottom for y)

// Position of labels on tick marks.
// ---------------------------------
// Labels are centered on tick marks.
// However , if x0=x1, then they are right adjusted.
// chopt=‘R’: labels are Right adjusted on tick mark.
// (default is centered)
// chopt=‘L’: labels are Left adjusted on tick mark.
// chopt=‘C’: labels are Centered on tick mark.
// chopt=‘M’: In the Middle of the divisions.

You cannot use TGaxis setting to act on the axis histogram drawing. The TAxis returned by the GetAxis methods is the handle you should use.
The histogram axis are painted via THIstPainter::PaintAxis: … tml#leUXUC
The label alignment is not set there.
Can you send me a small running macro showing what you are doing and I will try to see how to improve the plot using the current ROOT.