Adjust the minimum box size when draw 2D histogram with option "BOX"?

ROOT Version: 6.14_04
Platform: Mac
Compiler: c++

As the attached figure shows, the minimum box is too small to see, how can I adjust the the relative size of the box when using the drawing option “BOX”, I mean making the overall size double or triple times larger for every one.

Thank you.
Best regards.

I would say that’s because your bins are small.
Have you try to set Log scale along the Z axis ?

Change the bin width or set Logz() both work for adjust the size. Well is there any way to draw z axis to show box size representing values if using Logz() way?

There is also a problem if setting the bin width too large, close bins will merge into one which I must avoid.

No, it is not provided because the scale is always the same: the bins with maximum content are drawn with a box equal to the surface of the bin and the smaller values generate box proportional (in surface) to the bin content. May be you should use COLZ instead

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