Adding different color to different points in EVE

Hello *,
I am having some points like
x , y , z , color
1.2, 2. , 4.5 , 4
1.8, 2.5 , 1.5 , 2
2.8, 12. , 2.5 , 6
4.2, 24. , 5.5 , 1

depending upon the color column i want to assign color to my points,
In normal root graphics i am able to set colors using
SetmarkerColor(), but i don’t know how to do this in EVE.


Maybe @matevz or @couet have the answer…

Cheers, Bertrand.

I already invited @matevz to look at this post.

TEvePointSet has a single color for all items.

If you have a set of colors, you could use TEvePointSetArray (there is example function in tutorials/eve/pointset.C).

The classes for drawing detector elements TEveDigitSet and subclasses TEveQuadSet / TEveBoxSet can have color per element. IIRC TEveQuadSet allows you to also draw a marker for each element … let me check … nope, there is AntiFlick() in digit-set but it only draws a pixel-sized point at the position so as the elements don’t pop-in/out as one zooms/rotates the scene. See quadset.C, there are several examples there.

What do you need this for / want to do? Do you have some requirements for selection to work on all of the points together / selecting individual points through secodnary selection? I could add a polymarker mode for the quad-set … that shouldn’t be too hard.


Thanks Matevz,
I saw pointset.C.
As you have already suggested i think PointSetArray may satisfy my requirements.
I will try that.


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