Adding an eps image to canvas

Dear all,

I’m trying to add a logo image to a histogram.

@couet I manage to add a png image, but if I save the canvas in postscript the quality is low.

I’d rather add an eps image, and found the ${ROOTSYS}/tutorials/graphics/psview.C
However, I get the following error:

Error in ROOT::Internal::TCheckHashRecursiveRemoveConsistency::CheckRecursiveRemove: The class TImagePlugin overrides TObject::Hash but does not call TROOT::RecursiveRemove in its destructor (seen while checking TASPluginGS).

Even if I simply try
I get the same error.

Is it a bug, or some configuration problem?


_ROOT Version: 6.20-04
_Platform: Linux
_Compiler: g++ 9.3.0

This functionality relies on "gs’ being installed and working. Can you open the eps file using “gs” ?

Yes, I do. Ghostscript is in the standard location /usr/bin/gs

The error you get seems to be connected with some problem with RecursiveRemove.
I am not completely sure what it means. Something should have changed.
May be @pcanal anal has an idea.