Adding a point or line via "same" to TH3 drawn with"glcolz"


I have a TH3D being drawn in the “glcolz” mode, and I would like to add a marker to a single point on the plot.

I’ve tried several approaches, including drawing a second TH3 (filled with a single point) on the same canvas but I can’t seem to get things to work. The second TH3 point works fine when drawn alone, but if I try and plot it with the main TH3 it simply doesn’t appear.

Eventually I was hoping to be able to draw some lines on the glcolz plot and I’ve also attempted to draw a simple TPolyLine3D along with my TH3D but again it wouldn’t appear on the same canvas as the TH3D, simply using the command: line->Draw(“same”);

Before I get to far into this, is it possible to plot other things along with a TH3 drawn with “glcolz”? Does “same” work with gl? if not - is there another approach I could try?


Option SAME does not work with the "gl…"options.