Add include path and library in PROOF

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_ROOT Version:6.22
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Hi, i want to run a code by PROOF which runs without PROOF correctly. i used R__ADD_INCLUDE_PATH and R__LOAD_LIBRARY in my code. it seems they are not work in PROOF.
what other ways you know to replace with R__ADD_INCLUDE_PATH and R__LOAD_LIBRARY in PROOF ?


I think @ganis can help you. But also remember PROOF is now deprecated.

if I want to use RDataFrame and also add some external source code, I would need to rewrite the source codes based on RDataFrame? am I wrong?

Yes I suppose. If you already have PROOF code and want to stick to it only @ganis can help.

Dear Sima_Bashiri,

As @couet wrote, PROOF is deprecated and unsupported.
I warmly suggest that you spent the time needed to make your code working on PROOF, unattended since years, to make it working on RDataFrame, developed and maintained.
It is simpler, works better and offers lots of additional functionality. Really.
Start from the examples and then you’ll have a much larger base of people on the forum who can help.

G Ganis

Ps: if you really want to insist, you should look at TProof::AddDynamicPath and TProof::AddIncludePath, which were supposed to be the PROOF version of the similar gSystem calls.

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Thanks ganis.

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