Acute in TAxis

Hello Rooters

I am having trouble with acute in Axis labelling. Since I am french, I need it. I know, we french like to

In Cint, when I type the “é” nothing happens. Same thing when I am using the GUI and try to enter a “é”.
I tried to modify my rootrc file so that instead of using iso8859-1 fonts I use utf-8 but there is no effect.
If I use a script (with a text editor writing in utf-8) I have garbage on the scrren.

I know by experience that the problem is not easy since it may depend on how my system has been configured. Has anybody managed to achieve this?
I don’t want to use TLatex expression because the acute in TLatex is not drawn nicely for acute (too horizontal, too close from the letter: try it, you will understand what I mean).

I am using root 5.26 on a linux box 64 bits.


You can do use \351:

TLatex l(.5,.5,"\351");

Surely, in the future, I would be better it TLatex use this characters than adding an accent on the “e”.

Hi Olivier

Thanks for your answer. Also a student here found another solution : is to have everything in iso8859-1 especially that the text editor opens and save text macros in that encoding.

Hello Matthieu,
Yes that works too. Any way the TLatex improvement is till something we need I guess.