Access to especific histogram data

Dear Root Users

I have a .root file with many histograms inside:
KEY: TH1D edepHisto;10
KEY: TH1D edepHisto;9
KEY: TH1D edepHisto;8
KEY: TH1D edepHisto;7
KEY: TH1D edepHisto;6
KEY: TH1D edepHisto;5

when I give de instruction to:

I just have the output of one, I would like to know how to especify the Histo that I want to see the data.

Also I would like to have all the Histo in external files ascii, if someone has a code for that would like to share I would appreciate it.

Best regards

ROOT Version: 6.10
Platform: Ubuntu 16.04
Compiler: c++

It is not “several histograms” but several cycles of the same histogram.

…where a “cycle” is an earlier backup copy of the histogram. The version without ;<number> points to the last, most recent one.

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I am doing a simulation and everytime that my source chance of position, the code save the energy histogram, in the end I have to analyze each histogram to quantify the energy deposited.

I would like to access each one or to fuse all to have the data in just one histogram.

It is unclear for me what you actually do.

When you “change the position”, do you reset the histogram’s contents (before filling it with new data)?
If not, the last “cycle” will automatically contain all the data.

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