A question about RooUnfolding

I have some questions about the RooUnfolding.

I stored the fake events into a 1D histogram myself (hfake),

and I want to fill this 1D fake histograms into the fake part in RooUnfolding package, but I don’f find the way.

In this link RooUnfold: RooUnfoldResponse Class Reference,

there is only a function

Int_t Fake (Double_t xr, Double_t w)

which can only fill event by event, but I already filled fake events into a 1D histogram, how to fill this histogram directly to the response matrix ?

Hi @Jen,

According to the implementation of RooUnfoldResponse::Fake(), it fills the internal _mes (measured) and _fak (fakes) histograms.

Given that _fak is intialized here using the “measured” histogram, in principle, what you want to do can be achieved by calling RooUnfoldResponse::Setup() or even this RooUnfoldResponse constructor. Try it and tell us.


I have nothing to add to what @jalopezg already nicely explained, other than that RooUnfold is not part of ROOT itself, so support usually works via it’s own mailing list roounfold-support@cern.ch.
Feel free to get in touch over there with any further questions or requests!

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