A problem about THnSparse

Hi, all:

I am trying to build a 5-multidimensional histogram.
when I use the code like below:

THnSparseF* h2 = new THnSparseF(“h2”, “h2”, bins, xmin, xmax);

I meet:
Error: Can’t call THnSparseT::THnSparseT(“h2”,“h2”,bins,xmin,xmax)

I don’t know what’s wrong here.
ps: my root version: 5.30



Thank your reply. But I also tried this.
It result "THnSparseT is not defined"
When I include #include “THnSparseT.h”, it result :Error: cannot open file "THnSparseTTArrayF"
So I don’t know where it is going wrong.


See the parameters required by the class constructor.

Thank you! I miss the dimetion before bins.