A problem about opening a file

I use ‘’‘TFile *f = new TFile(“3pietap_Sig_ppg_mcs_nophotoncut_pipipietap.root”);’’’ in my macros and then I take this file to the folder where I install root ,but when I excute this macros,root shows that this file is not existed,so could you tell me where the problem is?

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ROOT Version: 6.18.04
Platform: windows10
Compiler: Not Provided

You should put this file in the folder where you are running ROOT when in the folder where you installed ROOT.

Do you mean I should put the file in root_v6.18.04/bin?

If you do:

TFile *f = new TFile(“3pietap_Sig_ppg_mcs_nophotoncut_pipipietap.root”);’

The file should be in the directory where you start ROOT from.

You can also put the file elsewhere and specify the full path in the command above.

I start ROOT from rootv6.18.04/bin by x86 native tool command prompt,but I put the file in root/bin,ROOT also shows it not exists,but the second way works,thank you a lot.

root/bin means rootv6.18.04/bin