6.26/10 on mac with Xcode 14.2?

Hi there,

I like using your binary releases as they are simple to install and come with xrootd ‘turned on’.
For 6.26/10 on mac with Ventura, the binary is with Xcode 14.0 and I had to reload it after I had gone to 14.2 with Ventura (13.1). Will you be releasing 6.26/10 with the most recent version of Xcode?

thanks, RD

Maybe @Axel or @couet knows

Right now the mac minis we use to build root are 13.0.1. I will update them when back.

Back yet, @couet?

Yes they have been updated. Sorry I forgot to update this thread.

Thanks. But on the download page, should I see:

oot_v6.26.10.macos-13.0-x86_64-clang140.pkg with 142?

see you, RD

Xcode/Clang in s still 14.0 let on these machine me see

I installed Xcode command line tools 14.2

Thanks. Do new binaries ‘automatically appear’ in say 24 hours?

I am not sure. @axel might know better

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