4d scattering plot using custumize bin for color bar

Hi all
I have a 4-column data and want to plot a 4d graph (3d + color). I am using tree and tree->Draw(“x:y:z:theta”,"",“COLZ”); but the color bar cannot be customized. Please help me if there is any other option or is it possible to edit the graph?

Thank you in advance.

ROOT Version: Not Provided
Platform: linux
Compiler: Not Provided

You mean the color palette on right ? you can change the palette of course.

Thank you for your reply. Please find the graph attached.

When I change the maximum and minimum the color bar cannot be updated and the output is attached.

How do you change them ?

by right-clicking on the graph and setting minimum and maximum

There is no such setting:

Please find it attached.

I see. This TH3 is just created to draw the frame. When you draw a tree with 4 variables and option col the data are un-binned. A dot is drawn at each point. This setting has no effect.

Thank you so much for your help.

Could you please guide me what is the best way to plot a 4d graph that I can customize the bins and colorbar?

The simplest will be to put some limit on the 4th variable (the one mapped on the colors) when you draw the tree (2nd parameter).

Thanks a lot.