3D Visualisation w/ Root 5.13.02 on Mac OS 10.4 (PPC)


I installed Root 5.13.02 today (from a cvs checkout) on my PowerBook G4 today (OS X 10.4.6 PPC), and I’m having some troubles with x3d and openGL.

Basically, if I execute $ROOTSYS/tutorials/rootgeom.C and select View with X3D and I get a bus error, and if I select View with OpenGL, I get :

root [1] Error in : class TGLSAViewer not found in plugin RGL
Warning in : Cannot create 3D viewer of type: ogl

Are there special configure steps to do to get those working ?
(I kind of remember I was able to get those visu with previous versions of Root, but I’m not 100% sure either).


root-config --config
–with-pythia6-uscore=SINGLE --enable-cern --enable-rfio --with-cern-libdir=/cern/pro/lib --enable-mathmore --enable-mathcore --enable-roofit --enable-asimage --enable-minuit2 --enable-alien --with-alien-incdir=/opt/alien/api/include --enable-mysql --with-alien-libdir=/opt/alien/api/lib --with-ssl-incdir=/opt/alien/include --with-ssl-libdir=/opt/alien/lib --with-mysql-libdir=/sw/lib/mysql --with-mysql-incdir=/sw/include/mysql

Can you check if your file $ROOTSYS/etc/system.rootrc contains the 3 following lines:

Plugin.TVirtualViewer3D:    x3d TViewerX3D    X3d   "TViewerX3D(TVirtualPad*)"
+Plugin.TVirtualViewer3D:   ogl TGLSAViewer RGL   "TGLSAViewer(TVirtualPad*)"
+Plugin.TVirtualViewer3D:   gl TGLViewer    RGL "TGLViewer(TVirtualPad*)"


Indeed, my $ROOTSYS/etc/system.rootrc contains those lines.

In fact, I guess the problem is now solved : what I’ve done is that I’ve compiled my macro, and now I can get either x3d or gl visualization…


How did you start the macro rootgeom.C ? did you enter root and then typed “.x rootgeom.C”, or did you start the it directly, like “root rootgeom.C” ? the 2nd way does not work on MaC. We are aware of this.

aaah, ok. I used root rootgeom.C to launch it.
Any explanation why this one is not working (just curious, I’m happy to do it the other way around :wink: ) ?


We do not kow yet. We are working on it.