3D Lego2 and Surf5 drawing

Dear rooters,

I small question: during a TH2D manipulation, I wonder how to mix the Lego2 + Surf5 plot to obtain a lego plot and a contour with TLines and TEllipses on it (like in figure)?

Could anybody give me a hint of doing it, I think I just miss a necesary call of the “Up” plane in a 3D plot.

Thanks :smiley:

I think that the “surf3” option is very close to what you need:

Thanks for the reply, my question is how to draw something (lines, circles) in the upper part of the SURF3 panel?

You can do:

root [2] hpxpy->Draw("surf3")
root [3] hpxpy->Draw("contsame")

But the contour will be drawn on the surface (the hpxpy histogram is produced by $ROOTSYS/tutorials/hsimple.C). So there is not direct way to produce what you are looking for.