3D histograms with BOX/LEGO

I use ROOT to make a 3D histogram with the option “LEGO”. And I get a 3D figure in which each box is just frames. There is no faces or the faces are totally transparent.
I was wondering can I make a 3D histogram in the option “LEGO” with boxes whose faces are non-transparent?

Try the option “GLBOX”

Thank you for the response.
After the option “GLBOX” used, the 3D histogram is not changed and ROOT replied that “Error in TGLHistPainter::DistancetoPrimitive: Attempt to use TGLHistPainter, while the current pad (gPad) does not support gl”.
Is there something wrong with the gPad that I use?

before do:


[quote=“couet”]before do:


Thank you for the helps. I get the 3D histogram which is attached as I want. :smiley: