2D projection of createIntegral

Is there a way to project the integral over x:

RooFormulaVar f(“f”, “f”, “xyz”, RooArgSet(x, y, z));

(RooAbsReal* integral = f.createIntegral(RooArgSet(x), “R0”);

of a RooFormulaVar dependent on x, y and z, in the variables y and z? Just like a TH2F in Root?

As far as I know I can create a frame on a single variable:

RooPlot* frame = y.frame(Title(“Integral of f over x in region R0”)) ;

Is there a way to create a 2D frame?

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I guess you can just make 2D histograms, and tell RooFit that you want y,z. See the n-D plotting tutorial: