2D plot using slices

Hi experts

To illustrate binwise fitting in a paper, I would like to have
2D plot that shows several distribution of a variable “A” as slices
in dependence of another variable “B”.

The result shall look like this: topas.physik2.uni-rostock.de/~gr … DeltaM.pdf

  1. Problem: is there an easy way to have such a “waterfall” figure ?
    I had to tinker a bit to have a figure like that. And my solution is still not ideal.
    You can reproduce the picture with the two files:
    topas.physik2.uni-rostock.de/~gr … in_a_row.C
    topas.physik2.uni-rostock.de/~gr … in_a_row.C
    excute >root draw_DM_in_a_row.C

In draw_DM_in_a_row.C is an alternative to draw the plot with the “LEGO” option
Is it possible to draw a LEGO plot and do not have vertical bars that show the
borders of the bins? I want thin slices of histograms with bars.

  1. If you execute the script (see above) you still have the extra axes that form
    the box. In a normal LEGO plot you can get rid of them by the extra option "FB BB"
    Using Draw(“SPEC …[some options]”) “FB BB” cannot be added. I deleted the lines
    manually in the ps file (also not ideal)

Is it possible to make the “FB BB” option available together with SPEC ?

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See root.cern.ch/root/html/TMultiGraph.html

Thanks for the advice.
But, as far as I can see, the “3d” option is only allowed with “l” (poly-line)
I would prefer “b3d” (bar option).

I can tinker a bit and set, e.g., 100 point per bin and use “l” so ROOT will draw a poly-line
that looks like bins.

You can find my solution using TMultiGraph at:
topas.physik2.uni-rostock.de/~gr … ltaM_2.pdf

The problem is, that the graphs are transparent and do not superimpose the other graphs
that are behind them. This is confusing.
You can not use the “SetFillStyle(1001)” function, because it is an interpolated line.

Any suggestions? Did I miss something?

Thanks and cheers,

Yes that’s te only option.

They are simple 3D lines